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Asia/Singapore Sunday, 27th November 2022

The other side of C-19: Expediting digital and business transformation

Between the human survival instinct of fight or flight, some travel companies have chosen to fight back in innovative ways.

Making memories: familial interactions during trips matter

Singapore has been in what I call a tender lockdown since April 7. The government has ordered suspension of most business operations and closure...

An industry with heart: Poor in business for now but rich...

The travel and tourism community, as I know it, is hardly greedy and selfish. We seek humour in tough situations and we reach out to lift one another, even if we are competitors in the business.

Prioritise positivity: A focus on recovery and community support

More than a month would have passed since news of the Covid-19 outbreak took over front pages and prime time. I watched how it unfolded in Asia – general cluelessness at ASEAN Tourism Forum in mid-January gave way to curiosity a week later as the world realised how widespread the then-mysterious flu virus was in China’s Wuhan city

The Philippines’ travel ban on Taiwan doesn’t make sense

The Philippines has placed a ban on arriving Taiwanese citizens as a precaution against the transmission of Covid-19 within the country. The move would have been...

Who’s spreading the chills?

The ongoing Novel Coronavirus outbreak is scary. It is scary not so much because of the widespread cases of confirmed infections, which as of Wednesday...

Let the Maharaja go

India’s national carrier, Air India’s proposed disinvestment is lurking for a long time now. The heavily debt-ridden airline is finding no buyers, with its...

Is sustainable tourism sustainable?

Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, bringing tremendous economic benefits to destinations. But as the world becomes more accessible, tourism...

Experiences are new social currency

People are placing greater value in experiences over possessions than ever before. According to the Next Big Thing consumer futurist, Will Higham, people are...

Be disruptive, or be disrupted: Lessons from Thomas Cook’s fall

Thomas Cook did a great job transitioning from trains to planes to bricks, but the world’s oldest travel agency failed to make the jump to clicks in today’s highly dynamic operating environment until it was too late.

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