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Asia/Singapore Saturday, 23rd September 2023

Perfecting the fun of travel

These trends bode especially well for operators of expeditions and adventure experiences, which are not restricted to just adrenaline-filled activities but also include soul-stirring immersions into the culture, landscape and habitat of rarely explored destinations.

Walking the good talk

We have crossed the mid-year mark so swiftly. Time flies especially fast when you are busy attending to pent-up travel needs and catching up...

Getting to know ChatGPT

ChatGPT is great as a starting point for travel and tourism content, which makes it a great customer engagement tool for companies keen to build travel interest and then reel the customer towards conversion

Marketing showdown

Destinations that are most desperate for the return of tourism but have lost marketing budget or tourism leadership due to their own set of challenges, are finding it hard to make themselves heard in the din of intense destination marketing today.

Temper expectations for return of China

China announced this week that it would scrap quarantine for foreign arrivals from Jan 8, 2023. It is big news, as China has maintained...

What hotels could learn from the co-living model

Be a technology player and let guests be – they know what they want, and have ways and devices (pun intended) to be the most authentic version of themselves when on the road

Right moves forward

Conversations at trade events for our industry have been gravitating most towards three areas – digitalisation, manpower pains, and sustainability. Naturally, these three topics...

Digitalising travel: Dreaming of a streamlined travel future

I dream of the day I can travel anywhere without a physical passport, where my official travel document is available as a secure app – just as my Singapore identity card is – and my face or my palm is my access key.

The talent challenge: It is time for the industry to emphasise...

The latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer recorded a 182 per cent year-on-year increase in international tourism for the January-March 2022 period, with destinations everywhere...

New yardsticks: Goodbye volume; hello quality dispersal and spend

It takes two to tango, so (destination developers and marketers) have been shaping the narrative the right way themselves, through messages that inspire meaningful, immersive and sustainable travel.

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