Delayed payments to hotels hosting OFWs woeful

Philippine hospitality, including hotels, are turning out to be one of the biggest casualties of the tourism lockdown the past nine months and counting....

Building back better

What is the future of travel? At this very moment last year, my vision of the future was one of abundant travel opportunities, made possible by convenient air services, some of which at affordable price points, that allow anyone to travel anytime.

Effecting change in travel purpose

There have been many predictions made at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic about how travel and tourism would return when borders reopen. The...

Sense and sensibility

Learning to live with C-19 is key to stable recovery

Tiptoeing the thin line between safeguarding lives and livelihoods

One might think that Philippine destinations would have reopened its doors to domestic tourism, choking as they are five months into lockdown. But they won’t,...

Pragmatism, not paranoia, key to SE Asia tourism revival

The South-east Asian travel industry could take a lesson from Thailand's incident with Covid in Rayong the past week, where the 31-person Egyptian military...

The other side of C-19: Expediting digital and business transformation

Between the human survival instinct of fight or flight, some travel companies have chosen to fight back in innovative ways.

Making memories: familial interactions during trips matter

Singapore has been in what I call a tender lockdown since April 7. The government has ordered suspension of most business operations and closure...

An industry with heart: Poor in business for now but rich...

The travel and tourism community, as I know it, is hardly greedy and selfish. We seek humour in tough situations and we reach out to lift one another, even if we are competitors in the business.

Prioritise positivity: A focus on recovery and community support

More than a month would have passed since news of the Covid-19 outbreak took over front pages and prime time. I watched how it unfolded in Asia – general cluelessness at ASEAN Tourism Forum in mid-January gave way to curiosity a week later as the world realised how widespread the then-mysterious flu virus was in China’s Wuhan city

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