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There’s a new baby at Laguna Golf Lang Co

A family of water buffalo greenkeepers, famous for tending to the rice paddies on Vietnam’s Laguna Golf Lang Co, has welcomed a new member:...

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Prioritise positivity: A focus on recovery and community support

More than a month would have passed since news of the Covid-19 outbreak took over front pages and prime time. I watched how it unfolded in Asia – general cluelessness at ASEAN Tourism Forum in mid-January gave way to curiosity a week later as the world realised how widespread the then-mysterious flu virus was in China’s Wuhan city

Something To Think About

“Our species is superior because of our ability to adjust in order to survive. With every bad news, people get a little harder, a bit more resistant; they learn to turn a deaf ear and carry on with their life.”

– Martin S Smura, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board, Kempinski, who believes that the world will come to terms with the Covid-19 virus, such that even if it was contained now and resurfaced in future, the impact on travel and tourism would not be as dire


Earth Hour Special: The Travel Corporation’s sustainable tourism step forward

Sustainable travel objectives can be accomplished though memorable ways. Managing director Nicholas Lim tells Karen Yue how the company's TreadRight projects form a big part of his brands’ itineraries and the benefits they bring to communities and the environment.

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Making travel tech affordable

Simplifying the process of reservation and redemption for attractions and travel agents, GlobalTix’s CEO Chan Chee Chong shares with Pamela Chow how his firm is creating a smoother path towards adopting millennial-focused travel solutions.

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