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THAI’s new look

Thai Airways International Public Company (THAI) has launched the new uniform for female cabin crew during its From Purple To Purpose press conference yesterday. The...

TTG Opinion

How Regent Hong Kong brings meaning back to brands

One of the industry's favourite moans is how brands have lost their value. Then comes the rebirth of Regent Hong Kong, which gives us some break from that despair over brand dilution. May there be more such breaks in the future

Something To Think About

What is often missed is that food costs continue to soar as does inflation. The economic case for saving food waste and improving yields need to be highlighted to hotel owners and managers as it hits the bottom line.”

Bill Barnett, founder, C9 Hotelworks


A city blossoms

Major changes have swept through Hong Hong, and the positive ones are creating vibrant stories that the destination can use to attract travellers, says Dane Cheng, executive director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB)

Fresh Eyes

Very Local Trip founder flips bleisure on its head

With requests for commercial networking opportunities to be included in Very Local Trip's personalised...


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