Wheels up: liberalisation the way forward for ASEAN aviation recovery

Associate professor Volodymyr Bilotkach from the air transport management programme at Singapore Institute of Technology, discusses the impacts of the ASEAN Open Skies Agreement on international air traffic movements, and how the aviation players in South-east Asia need to rethink their strategies for a sustainable post-pandemic recovery

Why we must bake health credential checks into our travel ecosystem,...

As travel opens up, adopting a standardised approach to digital health credential checks is imperative to ensure seamless passenger processing, says Sherry Stein, head of technology, SITA Americas

Navigating the next frontier of hospitality with smart video

As focus on traveller safety and enhanced customer experience comes to the fore, hotels can turn to video analytics for insights to guide their decisions, says Benjamin Low, vice president, Asia Pacific, Milestone Systems

My funny quarantine

Business journalist and Singaporean Raini Hamdi reflects on her Singapore-style quarantine as she makes her way home, and finds that it is a mirror of what is holding the Lion City back in becoming an endemic state

Scaling NDC is a key enabler to rebuild travel

Despite the pandemic, NDC implementation progress among airlines and travel agencies in the Asia-Pacific region has not been derailed. Ramona Bohwongprasert, senior vice president - India, Southeast Asia & inside sales, travel sellers, Amadeus, shares why investments made in NDC will play a key role in tourism recovery by not only opening new digital retail opportunities, but also helping to deliver tailored offerings to travellers

How technology can help airlines today

As the travel industry makes its long and slow trek to recovery, airlines have to find operational efficiencies to ease their financial burden. Sébastien Fabre, CEO, SITA for Aircraft, believes that the answer lies in technology adoption and sustainable actions

Now is the time to look at integrated resorts

When tourism recovers in Asia, the integrated resort sector will become a hotbed for foreign investors and owner operators looking to capitalise on the market, says Matthew Pryor, managing director at Tenman Project Management, part of MaceTpm, a leading project and programme manager for hospitality, integrated resorts and gaming projects in Asia

Challenges on the horizon

Automation, efficiency, and simplicity will define a decade of air travel, and the air transport industry must act now to avoid a congestion crisis, warns Sumesh Patel, president APAC, SITA.

Sustainable transparency for travel and hospitality brands

A holistic, sustainable change requires the combined motivation to extend the business runway and protect our world, opines Linh Le, founder of Luxperia and Luxperia Collective

The post-vaccine world: the future of travel and hospitality in APAC

With vaccine rollouts fuelling the restart of travel, and more destinations around the world reopening to vaccinated travellers, the hospitality industry will need to adapt to a changing travel landscape in order to ride the recovery wave, says Joon Aun Ooi, president, Asia Pacific – Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.

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