Expert Opinions

Expert Opinions

For the true costs of Thailand’s 2020 tourism retraction, look beyond...

The rebuilding of the travel and tourism sector is crucial for the wider economic recovery of the Asia-Pacific region due to its multiplier effect. James Lambert, director of Economic Impact Consulting, Asia, and Aran Ryan, director, Tourism Economics, explained how platforms like Airbnb can play a pivotal role in driving regional tourism revival.

Cleared for take-off: gearing the industry for revenge travel

As recovery unfolds across the globe, travel players must prepare for new realities and rethink their operations in order to fully capitalise on the rebound, opined Frederic Ho, vice president of APAC, Jumio Corporation.

‘Flexibility’ is the new watchword for APAC airline industry recovery

As global aviation heads into a future fraught with uncertainty, Cyril Tetaz, executive vice president, airlines, Asia Pacific, Amadeus, shares why flexibility and agility will be key to Asia-Pacific’s airlines surviving the Covid crisis

Predicting the curve – why travel brands need to leverage data...

Carolyn Corda, Adara CMO, shines a light on the importance for travel marketers to harness data insights in order to deliver more personalised targeting and stay ahead of the curve amid the fluid Covid-19 situation

Restarting the throttle of international travel

Qatar Airway's vice president for South-east Asia, Jared Lee, lays out the roadmap for airlines to restart operations in a sustainable manner, including putting in place safety protocols, optimising fleets by switching to smaller jets, and offering flexible booking policies

Insights on the recovery of the hospitality industry

Tim Hentschel, CEO and co-founder of HotelPlanner, explains why the hospitality industry's recovery from Covid-19 will come in unpredictable waves, and how companies can leverage online touchpoints to keep their brand top of mind

Leveraging technology to thrive in hospitality’s new normal

Singapore-based proptech startup SensorFlow co-founder and CEO, Sai Ranganathan, stresses the need for hoteliers to embrace smart solutions so as to optimise operational efficiency, cut costs, and rebuild consumer confidence in the post-pandemic travel landscape

Stronger together: the case for unity across the travel industry

Angel Llull Mancas,'s vice president and managing director Asia-Pacific, discusses why stakeholders need to have a unified approach to help support Asia-Pacific travel sector's walk towards recovery

Airports to lead the future of frictionless travel in APAC

Sarah Samuel, Head of Airport IT, Amadeus Asia Pacific, shares why airport operators need to invest in a touch-free future to cater to evolving passenger demands and drive non-aeronautical revenues.

Climbing out of turbulence

Krishnan Menon, Wunderman Thompson's chief client officer, Asia Pacific, shares how Covid-19 can present growth opportunities for the aviation sector, urging airlines to evolve business models, revamp their fleet, and adopt hybrid models to build towards a more resilient tomorrow.

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