Stronger together: the case for unity across the travel industry

Angel Llull Mancas,'s vice president and managing director Asia-Pacific, discusses why stakeholders need to have a unified approach to help support Asia-Pacific travel sector's walk towards recovery

Airports to lead the future of frictionless travel in APAC

Sarah Samuel, Head of Airport IT, Amadeus Asia Pacific, shares why airport operators need to invest in a touch-free future to cater to evolving passenger demands and drive non-aeronautical revenues.

Climbing out of turbulence

Krishnan Menon, Wunderman Thompson's chief client officer, Asia Pacific, shares how Covid-19 can present growth opportunities for the aviation sector, urging airlines to evolve business models, revamp their fleet, and adopt hybrid models to build towards a more resilient tomorrow.

Engaging travel lovers today to champion the travel recovery tomorrow

Todd Handcock, president Asia Pacific at Collinson, examines why it is crucial for travel providers to keep the conversation going with customers amid the coronavirus crisis, and how brands can continue to inspire travel and build consumer confidence to drive post-pandemic recovery.

How short-term rentals can spur tourism recovery

Brent Thomas, director of public policy for Asia Pacific, Airbnb, urges governments to relook regulations on short-term rentals – a sector which he claims can help to hasten tourism recovery by attracting price-sensitive tourists in the post-Covid world.

Navigating the present crisis differently

Deep Bhong, director of Travind Institute in India, believes that the travel and tourism faternity needs to embrace competitors, training opportunities and responsible practices, among other things, to rise above the current crisis.

Coping with Covid-19: lessons from the hospitality industry

Sherri Kimes, visiting professor, analytics and operations with NUS Business School, recalls a 2010 study on tactics for surviving an economic downturn and lists the lessons that hospitality players can learn.

How the hospitality industry can ride out the Covid-19 storm

Tim Hentschel, CEO and co-founder of HotelPlanner, studies the impact of the recent Covid-19 outbreak on the hospitality industry and shares what is imperative for the industry to get back on its feet.

Shrewd revenue management is critical during downturn

Rachel Grier, area vice president, Asia Pacific for IDeaS Revenue Solutions, argues why hoteliers should avoid knee-jerk reactions to tackle market uncertainty during the Covid-19 slump, but adopt shrewd revenue management strategies that will sustain the business in the long run.

Why tourism providers worldwide are still working on travel personalisation

Gladys Caligagan, conference director, Digital Travel Summit APAC, argues why travel operators need to undergo digital transformation to deliver hyper personalised experiences to cater to a growing pool of millennial travellers.

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