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Malaysia’s summer travel looks bright

Outbound travel remains healthy among Malaysian travellers to destinations in Asia, especially with the upcoming one-week school break in April coinciding with the Hari...

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Alma Resort’s very own farm

Alma Resort in Cam Ranh, Vietnam has an on-site farm that supplies organic vegetables for guests’ meals and beverages at its restaurants. The 30-hectare beachfront...

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Marketing showdown

Destinations that are most desperate for the return of tourism but have lost marketing budget or tourism leadership due to their own set of challenges, are finding it hard to make themselves heard in the din of intense destination marketing today.

Something To Think About

China’s recovery will likely be gradual. This wouldn’t be a bad outcome for airlines or the traveling public as a sudden surge would lead to a supply-demand imbalance, resulting in high fares, similar to what we have seen in other markets for much of this year.”

Brendan Sobie, independent analyst and consultant, Sobie Aviation


Levelling up the experience

Altered traveller expectations are impacting airport services, notes Plaza Premium Group’s deputy CEO, Ali Bora İşbulan, who has orchestrated a strong focus on innovation to create a seamless and integrated passenger journey


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