Tours with a local touch

Featuring 27 experiences led by local guides selected for their knowledge and passion, B2C platform seeks to bring us closer to hidden gems in Asia.

Singapore-based agency brings travellers to explore destinations on two wheels

Not many can claim that they are making a living out of doing what they love while fulfilling an aspiration, but Travel Wander’s Sheryl...

Making travel tech affordable

Simplifying the process of reservation and redemption for attractions and travel agents, GlobalTix’s CEO Chan Chee Chong shares with Pamela Chow how his firm is creating a smoother path towards adopting millennial-focused travel solutions.

Japanese launches cricket farming tours in Cambodia

Japanese social entrepreneur Seiya Ashikari is using tourism as a tool to push Cambodia’s cricket farming industry. In August 2018, the 24-year-old pressed pause mid-way...

Vietnamese entrepreneur devises one-stop travel solution for domestic market

As Vietnam’s domestic tourism market continues its upwards trajectory, one local start-up is aiming to solidify the country’s fragmented industry. Avid traveller Trịnh Dình Minh...

Millennial tour operator wants to veer travellers off the beaten path

Unlike traditional tour operators, Beyond Expeditions founder Scott Tay is shunning typical holiday itineraries in favour of less-traversed sites and experiences.

Living Irrawaddy Dolphin Project puts sustainability at heart of operations

Myanmar-based social enterprise Living Irrawaddy Dolphin Project is aiming to rekindle age-old relationships between fishermen and dolphins while adding to Mandalay’s attractions. Since launching at...

Singaporean tour operator grooms young talent to drive industry innovation

With a team comprising some of Singapore’s youngest tour guides, Monster Day Tours is on a mission to pump passion and innovation back into the business of tours.

Malaysian Gen Zer’s glamping venture takes root in Sabah

Enamoured with the glamping concept, one Gen Z entrepreneur abandoned her studies in Australia to start a glamping venture in her hometown.

Tours that bind

Amornched Jinda-apiraksa, CEO and co-founder of TakeMeTour, proves that a tour outfit based on the sharing economy can become a thriving business in an age of immersive travel.

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