Expert Opinions

NDC: Bridging the gap between buyers and sellers

Travelport’s chief product and technology officer Tom Kershaw discusses how NDC can create a modern, seamless experience for both travellers and retailers

Transforming travel

Traveloka’s CEO of transport, Iko Putera, shares the importance of driving the shift towards sustainable transportation

How travel brands can revamp their 2023 digital ad strategy

Crimtan’s commercial director JAPAC, Joshua Wilson, shares how travel brands can step up their game to meet consumer demands and expectations while optimising their ad spend

From Armani to Porsche Design: the rise of branded residences

JLL Asia Pacific’s head of advisory & asset management, Xander Nijnens, shares how consumer-branded residential projects are gaining popularity, among other trends in today’s luxury living sector

Travel 2.0: We’ve returned to the skies…now what?

Todd Handcock, president, Asia Pacific, Collinson shares about the shift in traveller expectations on travel experiences, and how the industry needs to evolve along with them