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Asia/Singapore Sunday, 3rd March 2024

The time is now

With the official launch of APOLA (Asia Pacific Outdoor Lodging Association) in January 2024, Tim Sargeant, founding member and co-founder & CMO Explorar Hotels & Resorts, shares how the new association will support the Asia-Pacific outdoor hospitality scene in enhancing local communities and championing the cause for sustainable environmental practices throughout the region

Woman in power

In a highly competitive world of hotel and property business, Carolyn Choo, CEO and managing director of Singaporean firm Worldwide Hotels, has shown the world that she is no shrinking violet. She leads the local firm to consolidation and corporatisation in 2018, rising intact from the destruction of the Covid pandemic with her team – the company is today recognised as Singapore's largest homegrown tourist-class hotel group and has footprints in Asia

Surf’s up for Hawaii in 2024

Conditions of the waves are good for Hawaii – Jeff Wagoner, president and CEO of Outrigger Hospitality Group, shares about how 2024 will be a stronger year and the group is ready to ride them

A city blossoms

Major changes have swept through Hong Kong, and the positive ones are creating vibrant stories that the destination can use to attract travellers, says Dane Cheng, executive director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB)

The spirit of adventure

Hiroshi Kawaguchi, general manager of adventure tour operator Oku Japan, reflects on how adventure tourism can transform tourism in Japan and why

Bringing home a legend

There have been countless hotel openings this year, but the launch of Regent Hong Kong on November 8 is particularly prominent. It marks the revival of a brand and property that once defined luxury hospitality in Asia, and the ignition of the Regent brand among the new generation of well-heeled travellers. Managing director Michel Chertouh details the return of the legend

From tourist spot to green plot

Bhummikitti Ruktaengam, co-founder and president of the Sustainable Tourism Development Foundation, delves into the interplay between thriving tourism and environmental stewardship in Phuket

Hyatt reaches higher

Known for its top-end properties, Hyatt is giving just as much attention to expanding its select service properties around tertiary cities. It is also poised to take its luxurious all-inclusive products into Asia-Pacific, shares Jim Chu, executive vice president of global franchising and development

Digitalising with a personal touch

As Diethelm Travel rebrands to DTH Travel, CEO Stephan Roemer, who owns it together with equal partners Thomas Maurer and Gonpo Tsering, details his vision leading to the renaissance of the enduring DMC

Everything at once

Pan Pacific Hotels Group barely has time to sit still – its portfolio is expanding quickly, its brands are being transformed to the next level, and a major research is underway to evolve its operations for the better, shares CEO Choe Peng Sum

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