introduces AI travel assistant TripGenie has launched TripGenie, an enhanced version of its AI travel assistant previously known as TripGen, to create a more personal, intuitive and hassle-free travel planning experience.

TripGenie leverages on large language model technologies to cover all aspects of travel, from detailed itinerary crafting to immediate bookings. It responds to text and voice commands, and enhances the user experience by displaying images, links, while swiftly directing users to relevant app results.

TripGenie will cover all aspects of travel, from detailed itinerary crafting to immediate bookings

“TripGenie has completely re-engineered how users interact with AI in travel planning and booking, creating a conversation flow that is human-like and intuitive,” said Amy Wei, senior product director at and product owner of TripGenie.

Powered by large language model technology, TripGenie streamlines travel planning, offering personalised recommendations, comprehensive travel plans, and a consolidated booking service within the app. Queries such as “Can you suggest a cheap flight from Singapore to Bangkok?” instantly propels the user to the Flight Deals page, featuring the most cost-effective options. When requesting for hotels near Bangkok’s metro system, it will lead users directly to a curated list.

In itinerary planning, TripGenie is able to recommend tourist spots, shopping destinations, maps, as well as provide booking links and images. If the travel dates are not yet confirmed, TripGenie can save the interactive and structured itinerary in the My Itinerary section of the My Trip channel for later planning.

Furthermore, TripGenie integrates’s travel ranking lists like Trip.Best, Trip.Deals and Trip.Trends for hotels, flights, and itineraries.

Transforming the way users interact with travel apps through the Language User Interface (LUI), TripGenie users can unveil a semi-transparent overlay to type or voice their queries, all without disrupting their browsing momentum. When inactive, TripGenie smartly tucks itself in the sidebar, maintaining a clean and uncluttered interface.

In addition, the data captured by the LUI blends into the existing user interface, auto-populates relevant fields, as well as offers contextual assistance throughout the journey. In the event of incomplete data, it will prompt follow-up questions to ensure all necessary details are collected.

TripGenie supports English voice and text input, as well as Japanese, Korean and traditional Chinese text input. Future TripGenie upgrades will include a virtual tour guide feature for an even more immersive travel experience.

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