launches real-time travel guide TripGen has unveiled TripGen, an advanced context-based Natural Language Processing-integrated (NLP) chatbot designed to provide travellers with live assistance through AI technology, enabling users to receive tailored travel routes, itineraries and travel booking advice in real time on the platform.

Amy Wei, senior product director at group and product owner of TripGen, shared that with so much information available to users, TripGen provides travellers “with closed-loop services before, after, and during their trip”.

TripGen provides travellers with live assistance through AI technology in real time on the platform

Schubert Lou, COO of, said: “The release of TripGen provides real-time, question-and-answer services in the app, resulting in greater, faster, and more diverse support for travellers.”

The all-in-one app currently supports the languages English, Japanese, Korean and traditional Chinese. More languages will be added in future according to user needs.

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