AI-driven travel rewards mobile platform launches in Singapore

Azgo, an AI-powered travel rewards platform, has launched in Singapore, enabling holiday-goers in the city-state the opportunity to enjoy affordable travel deals at close to 500 global merchants.

These include popular airlines, hotel accommodation, airline tickets, land transfers and in-market tour operators, Wi-Fi, overseas SIM cards and trusted international travel insurance brands.

The Azgo platform lets users search for what they need for their next holiday

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to drive intuitive navigation, the Azgo platform lets users effortlessly search for what they need to make their desired vacations happen. From search intent to purchase to checkout, the platform’s intuitive user interface also keeps track of an individual’s search pattern and history for analysis and enhanced recommendations.

In addition to its user-friendly interface, Azgo’s diverse range of travel-related products and services empowers users to seamlessly plan their travels with affordable deals, where they can also earn, consolidate and stack their cashback with every purchase for subsequent trips – this helps travellers maximise their resources, make informed decisions and mitigate financial stress.

Azgo’s entry into Singapore comes at a time where global travel is set to exceed, with global passenger traffic poised to surpass pre-pandemic levels at 9.7 billion by end of the year. At the same time, inbound visitor footfall to Singapore is expected to hit 15 million, ringing in approximately S$26 billion (US$19.4 billion) in tourism receipts, according to the Singapore Tourism Board.

Moreover, Singapore is a hub for eCommerce, with its tech-savvy generation, pervasive, ultra-highspeed networks and infocommunication technology infrastructure, along with the government’s direction in embracing digitalisation to become a Smart Nation. With 99 per cent of the Singaporean population between 18 and 59 owning a smartphone and almost all households having internet access, the city-state is an ideal hotbed for platforms and digitally-pervasive technologies.

Yan Yuan Sng, country head, Azgo Singapore, commented: “Entering Singapore is an exciting prospect for the team at Azgo. The vast potential of the consumer landscape and maturity of Singaporeans seeking free, independent travelling experiences – coupled with Singapore’s dedicated efforts to foster its growth – highlights a pronounced demand for increased flexibility and enhanced convenience in both online shopping and travelling spaces. We see this as encouraging as it empowers us to dive deeper and discover more opportunities within the ever-growing e-commerce and tourism landscape.”

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