KKday marketplace to promote digitalisation for travel merchants in South-east Asia

KKday has launched KKday Marketplace in South-east Asia, which is designed to help local merchants develop e-commerce operations and expand the service capacity of international travellers.

According to KKday’s local observations in Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, at least 90 per cent of South-east Asian travel experience merchants have not made the digital transition yet.

From left: rezio’s Jasmine Lin, KKday’s Ming Chen, and KKday Marketplace’s Clement Wen

On the other hand, more than 85 per cent of travellers (who are KKday users) place orders via mobile devices and are used to digital browsing, online booking, online payment, and instant customer service interaction.

KKday Marketplace features six major advantages, through which merchants can set up their stores quickly, list their products independently, price their products flexibly, control their inventory accurately, respond to orders instantly, and access the KKday platform’s global traffic.

First introduced end-2021, merchants from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are presently using KKday Marketplace’s multilingual services to capitalise on the rebounding of cross-border travel.

KKday Marketplace currently has more than 1,000 merchants globally, including water and outdoor activities operators, cultural experiences providers, and traditional agencies which will offer early bird commission discounts.

With a goal to reach 2,000 merchants worldwide in 2023, KKday Marketplace will target small, non-franchise merchants with less than 10 employees and a capital of less than US$10,000, who serve a single city or island, willing to take on casual travellers, with Chinese or English language skills, and services that focus on in-depth day tours and half-day tours experiences.

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