AIRA holds inaugural B2B fair; promotes itself on the world stage

The Association of Indonesian Recreational Parks & Attractions (AIRA or PUTRI in Bahasa Indonesia) recently held its own PUTRI Travel Fair for the first time in Jakarta, with the aim of making it an annual affair.

Hans Manansang, chairman of AIRA and managing director of Jakarta Aquarium and Safari, said at the fair’s opening: “The goal of this event is to promote the existence of AIRA, as well as to boost sales among the (members), who have been (affected the most by the pandemic).”

The PUTRI Travel Fair aims to promote the existence of AIRA and boost sales among the members

Also present at the fair were non-member sellers representing the Greater Jakarta, West Java, Yogyakarta, East Java and Bali areas.

Aside from B2B selling, Heni Smith, secretary general of AIRA added that the fair was also a promotional event which offered direct sales to the general public, as well as schools and travel companies in the greater Jakarta area.

AIRA is a non-profit organisation founded in 1973, with members ranging from recreational parks and tourist villages to conservation areas and natural attractions.

It counts East Java Park, Safari Park, Ancol Dreamland, Jakarta Aquarium & Safari, Yogyakarta Palace Museum, Merapi Park, Saung Angklung Udjo, Mini Indonesia Park, Bunaken Marine Park, Bogor Botanical Gardens, Lombok Wildlife Park, Lombok Tree House, Marina and Sei Timiang Agrotourism, and Galang Island Historical Tourism Area, among its members.

Apart from hosting its own travel fair in Jakarta, AIRA recently participated at ITB Asia in Singapore to promote itself on the international market by introducing its members and products available in Indonesia.

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