DidaTravel diversifies into selling flights

Tech-driven integrated travel service provider DidaTravel has launched its B2B flight booking multi-GDS portal, which includes access to full-service carriers, low-cost carriers (LCCs), and new distribution capability (NDC) content.

DidaTravel’s 23,000 B2B buyers around the world can access flights from 500-plus airlines to fly to more than 20,000 destinations around the world.

DidaTravel’s new B2B portal allows its buyers around the world to access flights from over 500 airlines

With dynamic packaging technology that comprises in-path and post-booking cross-selling tools, clients will have the added option of combining flights with accommodation as well.

Packaging of flights with accommodation is currently available through the company’s new flight booking engine or as an XML/API integration, with dynamic packaging to be integrated at the end of 2022.

Clients also have the option to check on flight prices manually.

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