Mystifly launches new global flights data cache for travel sellers

Singapore-based travel tech specialist Mystifly has unveiled a new global flight data API that aims to bring data-driven certainty to help travel sellers unlock new revenue opportunities while reducing operational costs.

Mystifly Universe is designed to offer a continuous stream of shopping results from Mystifly’s airfare marketplace and actively process close to 300 itinerary options per shopping query. Mystifly’s global customer base gives it an edge for availability of real-time data sets covering both low-cost and full service carriers spanning over 100 point of sales. The data includes a mix of published, web and private fare content.

Mystifly Universe gives travel sellers easier access to flight itinerary and airfares

Rajeev Kumar, founder & CEO, said: “We live in an era where airline distribution is becoming even more complicated. With full service airlines looking at alternatives to traditional distribution and with low-cost carriers and ultra-low-cost carriers emerging, airfare types and its distribution has become even more fragmented and complex. The cost of search and data processing has increased multi-fold for travel intermediaries.”

Bharat Goyal co-founder & CTPO, opined that Mystifly Universe is “the most affordable and intensive data source for flight information across the globe”, and allows customers to solve multiple use cases including reducing their infrastructure cost by accessing Mystifly’s processed flight itinerary data along-with pricing, fare and ticket attributes as well as airline ancillary data.

He added that customers have the option to receive data in XML and JSON formats in real-time data stream, and to customise airline data based on their preferred parameters. Data filters include specific airlines, markets, date ranges, duration of travel, itinerary types and fare types.

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