Mystifly adds on multi-city flight search capability

Airline retail operating systems specialist Mystifly has added an extension multi-city search feature to its existing Airline Shopping and Retailing Hub platform.

The new feature promises to make searching and booking consecutive one-way flights between multiple destinations quicker and easier. It can draw domestic and international, as well as GDS and non-GDS flight options for multiple destination in a single search.

Mystifly’s Airline Shopping and Retailing Hub platform can now perform multi-city flight searches

According to Mystifly, traditional multi-city search functions have limited price and itinerary comparison capability, requiring customers and travellers to spend more time to discover best pricing. The high number of options and prices variations – both over time and through different sellers – make the task even harder.

Powered by artificial intelligence based on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms, Mystifly’s multi-city search feature rapidly explore and compare fare choices for each leg of route from around 700-plus GDS, LCC and NDC airlines to display the most relevant and competitive fare options. The feature also allows users to fine-tune the itineraries by applying filters like direct/non-direct flight, day/night flights based on traveller’s destinations, and personal preferences, as well as provides the required ancillary services for each leg of the travel to finally proceed with booking.

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