Heart of hospitality

Therese Tan uncovers how Royal Cliff Hotels Group plans to cement its position in the new travelscape, utilising strategies which involve customer touchpoints.

Having been in the business for 46 years, Royal Cliff Hotels Group is no stranger to a tourism downturn and has been agile in developing initiatives that resonate with the current climate.

Take the pandemic for example: the Group collaborated with Thailand’s Ministry of Health and Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau to develop a Prevent and Protect programme to ensure safe experiences at its hotels and meeting venues, mirroring directives laid down by World Health Organization’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Aerial view of Royal Cliff Hotels Group

Along with pricing adjustments, domestic market campaigns, flexible cancellations, sustainability efforts, and staff training to keep up with health and safety measures, the Group is going the distance to meet the needs of travellers today.

Meanwhile, frequent communications with guests via e-newsletters and social media are vital in expressing the “human touch” in the age of social distancing, shared Maria Gequillana, director of marketing and digital, Royal Cliff Hotels Group and Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall (PEACH).

Keeping up to date with evolving consumer demands, Gequillana said Royal Cliff Beach Hotel recently renovated its rooms and facilities, and launched the multifunctional event space, Majestic Lounge at Royal Wing Suites & Spa.

PEACH is also staying competitive by implementing social distancing practices, hardware upgrades, and sustainability initiatives to cater to new business norms as well as the growing demand for hybrid meetings.

A first for Pattaya hotels, the Group also introduced ultra high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi 6, across its properties – an investment that will be appreciated by events today that rely more heavily on live-streaming.

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