APG Platform to roll out upgraded back office for travel agents

APG Platform, the fully NDC-based B2B airline booking tool, will be launching a full upgrade to its back office system which will provide travel agents with a more user-friendly portal for booking administration and management.

The update will be launched once booking trends start to return, said APG in a statement.

APG Platform’s upcoming upgrade to to its back office system will enhance ease of use for travel agents

The APG Platform operates exclusively via NDC connectivity with airline customers like American Airlines and Turkish LCC Pegasus Airlines.

Thibault Lenoir, EVP commercial, observed: “Given the current situation, we are seeing more and more interest from airlines in the APG Platform as it offers a new distribution model at virtually zero cost to the airline, and the ability for airlines to offer travel agents dynamic pricing, as well as rich content and ancillary services in combination with flights.”

He added: “It is also good to see more airlines becoming NDC certified and any of these airlines can be connected to the APG Platform via an NDC API. We see most major NDC certified airlines are now connecting directly with their top travel agents via NDC links and the APG Platform is focused on helping these airlines benefit from NDC connectivity with those travel agents outside of their core group.”

The IT team behind APG Platform is currently working on implementations of further airlines who are using the current downtime to fast forward distribution developments, said APG, adding that it expects more airlines to come onto the platform in the following weeks.

However, APG added, no new travel agent sign-ups are expected until the travel industry starts to recover. On a positive note, by this summer, APG plans to be able to offer travel agents the option to connect to the platform via direct API as an alternative to the desktop online portal with which the APG Platform was initially launched.

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