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Luxury Escapes offers Australian travel agents access through new online portal

In response to the ongoing industry demand, Luxury Escapes will launch a new industry booking portal from March for Australian travel agents. The portal will...

AI impact on travel players continue to draw awe and concern

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on the travel industry was a key theme of MarketHub Asia 2023 last week. Discussions flowed, and minds...

Continued infections test Asian agents’ resilience

New year, new hopes for post-pandemic travel recovery, but infection surges and continued travel restrictions have provided little relief for many travel agents across Asia. In this three-part series, we find out how the travel agent community in key Asian markets are coping.

Discova unveils destination guides for agents

Discova has launched its 2020-2021 destination guides, designed to showcase its upcoming programmes and responsible travel offering alongside useful destination information to trade partners. Destination...

Riu rolls out new website for agents

Riu Hotels & Resorts has launched its new website, Riu Pro, designed to equip travel agents with all the sales and information tools required...

Travel matters

Elected into the presidency of the Federation of ASEAN Travel Associations when the future of travel and tourism was bright, Tan soon finds himself tackling the world’s biggest travel freeze and one that has brought his industry to its knees.

Emirates rolls out bespoke portal for travel trade partners

Emirates has launched a new online platform that will allow its travel trade partners around the world to have easy access to the airline's...

Human-tech hybrid approach key to sell travel in the Covid era:...

While technology has infiltrated the tourism industry, human interaction remains equally crucial to attract and retain travellers, according to a new report by Amadeus. The...

Indonesian travel agencies, hotels ally to fight travel slump

As the Indonesian government starts to ease social restrictions in some cities, including Jakarta, a Covid-19 epicentre in Indonesia, hotels are partnering with travel...

Pandemic leaves Asia’s tour operators scrambling to reinvent

To diversify or not to diversify has become less of a luxury and more of a necessity for tour operators across Asia, as the travel halt spurs them to forge new money-making roadmaps.

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