Adara unfurls new data platform for destination marketers

As part of its Covid-19 response, travel intelligence company Adara has rolled out a new data product for destinations, which will provide the most up-to-date destination trends and projections by country and by state.

Integrated into the company’s new Covid-19 Resource Centre, the Adara Tourism Dashboard helps destinations and tourism marketers track how searches and bookings are trending and offers projected changes in behaviour in the future in order to accurately assess changes in demand and plan future visitation accurately.

Adara’s new platform provides a breakdown of current and future travel trends by destination

“Destinations everywhere are in a state of suspended animation as the coronavirus pandemic limits travel and tourism around the globe. The Tourism Dashboard is designed for destinations to have the real-time insights they need to assess changes in demand now and in the coming weeks, so that they act with full confidence,” said Piyush Shrivastava, director product management – analytics at Adara.

“With this new offering, destinations can see accurate timing in the inflection between downward and upward trends by origin, aiding both accommodation and marketing plans.”

The Tourism Dashboard helps destination marketers have a better grasp of global trends, including the volume of the rebound and the origins that are rebounding first, so that they can tailor their marketing plans accordingly.

For instance, current data indicates major decreases in search and booking behaviour to destinations affected by Covid-19 restrictions, with a rebound projected in the coming weeks.

In detail, bookings are down 89 per cent year-over-year for worldwide travel to the US from all global originations for the week of March 30, while demand for travel continues to decline week over week with searches down 37 per cent.

However, looking at the demand for the future 20 weeks, shows an uptick from week 10 onwards, indicating more confidence as the summer progresses.

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