Sojern extends multi-channel advertising solution to all hotels

Digital marketing solutions provider Sojern has made available the same enterprise-grade technology powering marketing campaigns for some of the world’s biggest travel brands to independent hotel and chain properties.

Sojern’s Pay On The Stay has been popular with hotel customers for some time. Offered as a direct booking alternative to a hotel’s distribution deals with OTAs, the digital marketing solution delivers highly personalised advertising to consumers across multiple devices and digital channels such as Facebook and Instagram, video, display ads, and search, said the company in a statement. The targeted ads and content then drive potential customers to the hotel’s website to book directly, it added.

Sojern now makes available its digital marketing solutions to smaller hotels via commission or subscription basis

Sojern claims the platform solves the problem of hoteliers’ over-reliance on OTAs for bookings by helping them to identify in-market travellers, and using advertising to drive direct bookings and increase web traffic on the hotel’s own website, while fostering direct customer relationships for the hotel.

Additional programme benefits include complimentary ad creative, A/B creative testing, translation services, and local market and competitive insights.

With Pay On The Stay, customers work with Sojern as part of their overall distribution strategy to drive direct bookings through digital channels. In the commission model, Sojern takes on the risk of running digital media campaigns and hotels only pay for completed stays.

The other solution is Pick Your Plan, priced at a fixed monthly fee. Customers pull from their marketing budgets to leverage Sojern’s branding and performance marketing solutions to drive web traffic, build brand awareness, and overcome seasonality.

“Today, it’s easier and cheaper than ever for a hotel to build a website and accept bookings online, but attracting qualified in-market travellers to their site is an ongoing challenge. Which hotelier has the time, budget, or expertise to master marketing across search, Facebook, Instagram, display, video, mobile, native and the next big thing – particularly when they’re competing with multi-billion-dollar ad budgets from the OTAs?” said Kurt Weinsheimer, Sojern chief solutions officer.

“Sojern has been looking at travellers’ behaviour across the mobile and digital web since 2007, and providing solutions to the biggest travel brands on the planet to increase their share of direct bookings and meet their performance KPIs. We realised there was an opportunity to turn this expertise into simple solutions for hoteliers with smaller budgets who didn’t want to take on the risk of a traditional media insertion order model.”

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