Roiback directly integrates with Book on Google

Roiback, a specialist in the management of the direct channel of hotel sales, is the first Spanish tech company to directly integrate with Book on Google, the tech company solution that allows users to book hotel rooms without leaving the search engine. This agreement benefits Roiback’s clients by providing a higher conversion rate and a lower acquisition cost.

One advantage of Book on Google is that it removes friction in the conversion process, particularly on mobile, by allowing users to book a room on a Google-hosted site, avoiding losing clients who tend to leave the reservation when they are directed to other websites from different OTAs or from the hotel.

Roiback’s integration into Book on Google allows users to book hotels rooms without leaving the searcher

With this function, Google improves the user experience and the conversion, thereby also increasing the hotel’s profitability. The hotelier still owns the reservation and its information, and Google does not add any extra costs for booking through this process, even though it is necessary to have a Hotel ads campaign to benefit from this service.

Book on Google is not only available in Spain, but also in the US, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Poland. This is another advantage for the hotels as they will be able to access more efficiently to markets that otherwise would be complicated to reach.

Rebeca González, managing director of Roiback, said: “In the last year, the sales generated from the metasearch engines have been multiplied by five and, in particular, Google Hotel Ads has tripled its traffic and it is present in more than 40 per cent of the traffic from the hotels in Google. In the end, what is important is the hotel’s profitability and if Book on Google allows you to increase your conversion and to lower the distribution cost, certainly, we must be there.”

Concurrently, and with the objective of offering better solutions to a changing industry where the weight of the metasearch engines is more and more relevant, Roiback has launched Metabase Pro, a specialised solution for the efficient management of the metasearch engines, that Roiback already offered with its reservation platform but from now will also be made available for clients who do not use the BackHotel from Roiback.

“The touristic industry is in a changing moment where the metasearch engines have more and more importance, especially with Google Hotel Ads and now, also with Book on Google. This is a great opportunity for small- and medium-sized chains to be able to face the big OTAs. Clearly, the traditional tourist industry has changed. The hotels have the great challenge of being where clients look for and to be able to position themselves, and in Roiback, we know how they can do it,” said González.

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