Driving efficiency for tour operators

Mike Than Tun Win is bringing user-friendly technology to smaller hotels and tourism intermediaries, one South-east Asian country at a time.

Mike Than Tun Win

Elevating the ease of travel planning in Myanmar and improving customer experience was Flymya founder Than Tun Win’s main goal when he launched the company in 2016.

“There was a lack of good comprehensive domestic flight booking websites and travel portals for independent travel agents to upload their packages,” the entrepreneur said. “We wanted to provide a seamless all-in-one portal.”

Than Tun Win launched Flyma to improve the travel booking experience in Myanmar

Since launching, Flymya has worked with more than 300 travel partners, airlines and bus operators, and grown from a team of 12 to more than 100, providing 24/7 support. It has also developed an online event booking and ticketing section, and boasts the largest selection of flights, buses, hotels and tour packages in Myanmar.

The company has quickly expanded its reach in Myanmar and beyond. In early 2017, Flymya snapped up London-based startup Switch.cm, which builds reservations platforms for the hotel and airline industries.

Than Tun Win said: “Hotels in Myanmar and South-east Asia are mainly using extranet and Excel sheets for hotel bookings. We see a lot of potential in providing an easy-to-use property management software and channel manager to help small hotels aross South-east Asia digitalise.”

In December 2017, Flymya expanded its presence further when it bought out smaller rival Go-myanmar.com. Go-Myanmar.com’s popularity online – attracting 3,000 to 4,000 daily visitors, predominantly from Europe and America – combined with Flymya’s regional reputation as a local leader have strengthened its position and put the company ahead of the game globally, said Than Tun Win.

Flymya’s plans don’t stop there. The second half of 2018 will see the company shift its focus outwards, with sights set on regional expansion starting with Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

Than Tun Win said: “Flymya believes in helping small tour operators and hotels by giving them better access to platforms and technology, while promoting grassroots entrepreneurship.”

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