New LCC rolls out zero-fare services

Air Olsplof, a newly launched LCC, is extending free air tickets on all routes, but here’s the catch – passengers are charged for lavatory use, on top of the usual ancillaries such as baggage, seat selection and meals.

The airline is launching with four routes, two within Asia and the other two intercontinental. Passengers will be charged US$3 for lavatory use in the first 100 miles from takeoff, and the amount increases by US$1 for every subsequent 50 miles.

Lavatory use joins the list of chargeable ancillaries?

Toiletries are to be purchased directly from the cabin crew. You may want to keep this in mind since passengers are charged every time they enter the toilet – and that includes stepping in to see a room bereft of supplies, immediately stepping out again for the amenities, before re-entering.

If you’re still with us by this point, hoping to find out about this airline, where they fly, and which nutter came up with this ludicrous idea, we’re happy to reveal that Air Olsplof is an anagram, or ‘April Fools’ rearranged.

Thankfully for our bladders (and sanity), the airline does not (yet) exist. Airlines out there, please don’t get any ideas.

We hope this early April Fool’s prank gave you a good laugh!

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