Amadeus invests in airport passenger flow venture

Managing crowds using computer vision software and AI

As the global aviation industry faces a boom in passenger traffic, Amadeus Ventures has invested in CrowdVision, an early stage company that uses computer vision software and AI to help airports monitor the flow of passengers in real time to minimise queues and more efficiently manage resources.

“Together with CrowdVision, we will be able to help airports to better anticipate and respond to traveller flows for better real-time, planning and investment decisions… When airports run smoothly, everyone benefits: airports can get more value out of their retail areas, more flights can take off on time, and travellers enjoy better journeys,” commented Suzanna Chiu, head of ventures at Amadeus.

Managing crowds using computer vision software and AI

According to a statement from Amadeus, CrowdVision’s existing airport customers are benefiting from reduced queues and waiting times, leaving passengers to spend more time and more money in retail areas. Others have optimised allocation of staff, desks, e-gates and security lanes to make the most of their existing infrastructure and postpone major capital expenditure on expansions.

With Amadeus as investor, CrowdVision gains access to global network of airports and travel partners, the start-up’s CEO, Fiona Strens, said.

CrowdVision joins Situm, Avuxi, Betterez, Bluesmart, BookingPal, Flyr and Yapta in the Amadeus Venture portfolio. The corporate venture arm of Amadeus was launched in 2014.

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