Amadeus unveils interactive video solutions for travel industry

Amadeus has recently released Amadeus Video Solutions, a video player that allows travellers to make bookings while watching videos.

Amadeus Video Solutions gives brands the ability to embed clickable calls to action and live booking details about attractions, hotels, restaurants and other destination highlights in their videos. This allows travellers to click on the videos as they are playing to find detailed and accurate information about the place they want to discover, including how to get there.

The new video player allows travellers to click on videos as they are playing to discover destination details and book trips all in one place

Originally launched as a prototype called TravelCast in 2017, Amadeus Video Solutions is the result of two years of testing and tinkering led by Amadeus’ Horizon 3 team.

“Until now, there were plenty of interactive video players, but none specifically created for hotels, restaurants and other travel players. Amadeus Video Solutions is a direct answer to this problem which works in the interests of both the traveller and the industry as a whole,” said Steve Kopp, the head of Horizon 3.

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