Amadeus reveals top hotel destinations for Christmas and New Year’s travel

As hoteliers are preparing for demand this the festive season, Amadeus’ Demand360+ data shows that global hotel occupancy for the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s is already at 23%, up 10% from the same time last year.

Globally, occupancy levels this festive season are trending ahead of 2022, reflecting a return of confidence in travel and a desire for warmer climates in some of the leading destinations.

Global hotel occupancy for the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s is already higher than the same time last year

According to hotel occupancy, the top destinations globally are: Los Cabos, Mexico (77%); Cape Town, South Africa (71%); Phuket, Thailand (69%); Cancun, Mexico (69%); Honolulu, Hawaii (64%); Tokyo, Japan (61%); the Maldives (59%); Sydney, Australia (58%); Taipei, Taiwan (58%); and Kahului, Hawaii (57%).

The top destinations in Asia-Pacific are Phuket (69%); Tokyo (61%); the Maldives (59%); Sydney (58%); Bali (51%); Bangkok (51%); Osaka (50%); Melbourne (47%); Mumbai (44%); and Singapore (42%).

Sydney has seen an increase of 29% on 2022, as it sits higher in the list for this year, Osaka has also seen an increase in demand, up 16% over 2022.

More travellers are prioritising sun, nature, gastronomy, and culture this festive season, contributing to high occupancy levels across Asia-Pacific – compared to last year, Asia-Pacific is trending 8% higher.

The data also reveals travellers are still booking accommodation close to their intended travel dates. Booking lead times remain short as 56% of travellers worldwide are making hotel reservations within a week of their trip, up 4% on 2022. This presents hoteliers with an opportunity to make the most of last-minute demand.

“Having access to comprehensive forward-looking business intelligence data is important, because it allows hoteliers to identify booking patterns and revenue opportunities so they can still drive last minute demand, while ensuring their property is staffed and ready to provide a great guest experience,” said Edward Wright, regional vice president, hospitality, Asia Pacific, Amadeus.

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