The Anam’s artist home tours to paint guests a new picture of Vietnam

Artist Mai Lộc known for black-and-white photos of life in Vietnam

The Anam, which opened in Vietnam in late April, has launched new tours that shepherd guests into the galleries and homes of local artists.

As part of the seven-hour tour, art lovers are welcomed into the homes and galleries of acclaimed local artists otherwise inaccessible to tourists, and given a new perspective of Vietnam and its people through their art ranging from oil paintings and metalwork to sculpture and photography.

Tha Anam said one of the tour’s artists, Mai Lộc, epitomises Vietnam’s rapid transformation. With his photography journey starting with a camera gifted to him by a Norwegian couple he met as a miner, he had gone on to become a sought-after photographer whose images of Vietnam and its people have been exhibited globally.

The Water Flower by Mai Lộc, a photographer known for black-and-white photos of life in Vietnam

Other artists include painters Bùi Văn Quang; Trần Thị Bảo Trân and her husband Lưu Thành Quả; Nguyễn Hữu Bài; Ngô Đăng Hiệp; and Lê Huỳnh; as well as metalwork artist Bùi Trung Chínhand sculptor Đoàn Xuân Hùng.

To create the Nha Trang Art Tour providing “insider” knowledge about the destination, The Anam’s general manager Herbert Laubichler-Pichler enlisted Nguyễn Hồng Vân, who opened Nha Trang’s first art gallery called The Rainbow Gallery.

“Our part of Vietnam is famous for its beaches, its islands, its Cham towers and its seafood. It should be famous for its art, and we hope to help make that happen,” Laubichler-Pichler said.

The Nha Trang Art Tour is offered daily from 13.30 from The Anam and includes transfers, visits to the studios and homes with a guide and the ensuing dinner. It is priced from US$77 per person in a group of six. More information can be found at

In addition, from December 26-29, the resort will stage its inaugural ‘Garden and Sun Artist in Residence’. Artists will create works and chat with guests amid the resort’s gardens before the resulting artworks are displayed on December 29, 17.00 to 19.00 at Au Lac Ballroom with complimentary drinks and canapes.

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