Aonia offers free online space for listing packages

SINGAPORE-based conference organiser, Aonia, has taken its new website online, flaunting a section that allows hotels to list their latest meeting package deals for free.

According to Aonia managing director, Daniel Chua, few other PCOs offer such a feature on their websites. He said the initiative was “more of an act of goodwill” towards hotels, and “provided value add” for current and potential clients who were increasingly turning to online sources for business events suppliers.

“No leads have resulted from the package listing (feature) yet, but there are good hits on the website,” he said. “That’s good because we want to draw more traffic to the website and grow awareness of Aonia.”

Chua said enquiries about the listed packages would need to go through Aonia “for now”, which would allow the company to connect with potential clients.

The new website also presents case studies of Aonia’s past events and is available in several languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, French, German, Russian and Spanish, a reflection of the company’s plans to reach out to multiple markets across the globe.

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