Make mobile apps work to your advantage, event planners urge

MOBILE apps are becoming increasingly critical to large events and conferences but meeting planners have not learnt how to maximise the full potential of such technology for better communication, according to a report on the subject.

American Express (AMEX) Meetings & Events’ report Great Expectations: The Evolving Landscape of Technology in Meetings, communication and scheduling ranked among the most important features within a meeting app for approximately 80 per cent of meeting planners and attendees.

Sharing the findings of the report, Danielle Puceta, director, AMEX Meetings and Events, said: “Everyone is in the mobile app game now and it is more about what needs to be included in the app and how to make it work, rather than whether you have it or not.”

However, Puceta pointed out that event planners have yet to fully utilise the ability of mobile apps. Citing an example, she said: “Let’s just say if there is a sudden change in the conference schedule, it would be so easy for planners to simply shoot a message out via the app but they are not at that stage yet.

“Mobile apps are still in its early days. There is so much potential that planners can tap on but now there is still a lot of discussion on what needs to be included in an app and what is not necessary.”

As it “takes two hands to clap”, delegates also have to be motivated to download the app.

Puceta said the study showed that instant mobile access to the event schedule is the “killer app”  feature that will ensure delegates download the meeting app.

However, she cautioned that planners must ensure ample Wi-Fi access for attendees or the app can backfire and lead to dissatisfaction.

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