Tags Indonesia Domestic Travel

Tag: Indonesia Domestic Travel

Indonesian bedbank eyes 40% domestic market share by 2020

KlikNBook.com, an Indonesia-based B2B bedbank founded in 2012, has pumped heavy investments in technology and human capital as it targets to achieve 40 per...

Soaring airfares, sinking demand

Indonesia’s tourism sector buckles up for continued turbulence as domestic airfares remain high, hurting demand for air travel within the country. By Mimi Hudoyo

Indonesia’s open sky proposal stirs mixed reaction from trade

An open sky proposal made by Indonesian president Joko Widodo, who suggested allowing international airlines to operate domestic routes, has drawn a mix of...

Indonesia yet to fully unlock tourism growth potential

As one of the world's largest countries by land and population, Indonesia holds vast potential for tourism, some economy hotel players say, but there...

Indonesia orders airlines to lower fares after domestic travel hit

With rising airfares in Indonesia impacting the local travel and tourism industry, the Indonesian government is strongly urging Indonesian air carriers, especially the state-owned...

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