The great outdoors

From new online agency training programmes to competitive commission rates, longhaul destinations are roping in the trade in their battle for Asian travellers. Gracia...

Franc-ly speaking

The rising popularity of Switzerland may be put to test this year as Asian currencies weaken Two major developments – Asian currency depreciation, which continues...

Much ado or much abuzz?

Blockchain technology, while still in its infancy, is touted to shake up the travel industry. Yixin Ng takes a look at how travel businesses are using blockchain to resolve the industry’s pain points, and whether this technology is as revolutionary as it’s made out to be

Making peace with progress

Free from the shackles of civil war, Sri Lanka’s tourism is ready to welcome a new dawn. But new tensions are surfacing amid rapid...

Myanmar: Investors beware

While businesses are eager for the first bite of South-east Asia’s destination du jour, barriers to entry are high Myanmar has become one of the...

A new breed of business lodging

As short-term stay options enter into the corporate lodging landscape, road warriors are no longer restricted to business hotels or serviced residences. What are...

Locals take the wheel

As Cambodia’s tourism landscape matures, more locals are taking the lead and devising innovative tours to give visitors a true taste of the country and help them discover outlying areas, while driving social and economic change at the same time. By Marissa Carruthers

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