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Top 2019 picks for SE Asia

Inbound travel agents from the 10 ASEAN member countries pick the hottest adventure, nature and culinary attractions that are on their radar this yearCanoei

Maldives: a paradise redefined?

When a luxury destination goes downmarket, will a broader audience and brand presence equate to a better bottom line? S Puvaneswary takes this question to the Maldives

Why Steven Pan sold Regent

When Steven Pan fought off some 20 suitors eight years ago to become the new owner of Regent Hotels & Resorts, he had high...

Who TTG Asia reporters want to have a good chat with,...

Meet Team TTG Editorial, the hands and (often crazy) minds that feel compelled to bring you the latest industry scoops and thought-provoking analyses. Ever wonder what they’re so frantically scratching into their notebooks? Well, here’s a peek into Reporters Notebook 2017– you might just find yourself in there

The biggest challenges for Asia’s inbound agents in 2018 (part 1)

When asked what they foresee as their biggest challenge this year, it’s clear that the growing tentacles of online platforms is the elephant in the room for many inbound agents across Asia. Other bugbears include geopolitics, which affects their market mix, and a lack of destination marketing wherewithals.

Smart airports take flight

The era of robotics, biometric check-in and augmented reality has arrived in airports, promising to make the passenger travel experience more efficient and comfortable. Here’s a look at the latest technologies in Asia-Pacific airports, and new innovations ahead.

A sea of soft brands

Dive in to find the swim lanes of new soft brands.

What luxury buyers are watching out for in 2018

The speed of change in the luxury travel market takes the breath away. ILTM buyers and ILTM Collection’s director Alison Gilmore describe its impact to Raini Hamdi and give their take on the what to watch for in 2018

Maldives hoteliers deal with worries

Political uncertainties are adding to the Maldives’ oversupply concerns, but diversification and targeted marketing campaign could help to ease threats.

Niseko: not just a winter destination

Not content with being seen as a winter destination, Niseko and its surrounds aspire to boost summer visitor numbers.

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