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Asia/Singapore Friday, 1st December 2023

Locals take the wheel

As Cambodia’s tourism landscape matures, more locals are taking the lead and devising innovative tours to give visitors a true taste of the country and help them discover outlying areas, while driving social and economic change at the same time. By Marissa Carruthers

The luxury sector keeps growing and growing

Shanghai heats up with the arrival of more luxury brands, but what about hotel rates?

More work, no pay?

Airlines are coveting more ancillary revenue. Agencies are not. Find out why and if they are doing so at their own peril Asia is the...

Kazakhstan: a steppe in the right direction

To grow Kazakhstan as a tourist destination, the NTO first needs to raise awareness of the country’s myriad offerings, writes S Puvaneswary Tourism is still...

Seeing Paris in a new light

From the vast markets of China and India to emerging sources like Vietnam and the Philippines, Asia is firmly planted on both Paris and...

Pivot needed on human capital

In 'Travel companies all in a spin', Raini Hamdi looked at how travel companies must make strategic realignments to ensure their business model is...

A confidence challenge

Post-lockdown travel requires greater planning ahead but stakeholders are confident that good destination marketing and eased restrictions will help to build back travel confidence. By Rachel AJ Lee

In 2015, I resolve to…

With New Year just around the corner, travel agency bosses reflect on the changes they want to make in their businesses and personal lives SINGAPORE Anthony...

A balancing act

Although overcrowding at popular tourist sites is not yet causing major problems for some tourism players, it is not too early to start dispersing traffic to lesser visited areas.

Growing to higher heights

A new crop of luxury properties is shaking up Hong Kong’s hospitality scene, but the more crowded marketplace will also bring a mixed bag of benefits to the trade, finds Prudence Lui

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