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Asia/Singapore Saturday, 20th April 2024

Blast from the past

How was travel sold? Why was it fun? What made it memorable? Tourism and hospitality veterans reminisce the good old days with anecdotes that...

An appetite for luxury

Against a backdrop of ongoing travel restrictions, most Asian luxury markets are choosing to travel within their home base while keeping overseas travel dreams alive, discover TTG Asia Luxury reporters.

Keeping them happy and productive

Travel organisations reveal the strategies they have undertaken this year to retain their best employees and keep them at the top of their game Simon...

A paradise for bargain hunters

The weakened ringgit, a new outlet mall in Kuala Lumpur’s outskirts and year-round sales are compelling reasons for avid shoppers to visit Malaysia To leverage...

Independents reach out for marketing representation

Why do some hotel owners prefer to be independent and how do they choose a hotel marketing company to represent them? Raini Hamdi, Xinyi...

Navigating Brexit chaos

The prolonged uncertainty over Brexit has agonised the travel sector and left business leaders in limbo. Bright spots are few, but the trade is hopeful that Asia, with its strong value proposition, could be a winner arising from Brexit’s shambles.

Smartphone opportunity untapped

Apps are perceived to be important, but their implementation is not widespread With deepening smartphone penetration and the Millennial generation joining the workforce in greater...

Healing the world through music

TTG Asia’s very own Feizal Samath, a veteran concert organiser, discovers that it’s possible to combine charity shows with tourism American musician Bob Livingston (left)...

Springing forth

Australia has been ramping up marketing campaigns to pave a strong road to international travel recovery. By Rachel AJ Lee

OTAs: Keeping it personal

Often criticised as lacking the human touch, online sellers tell Gracia Chiang how they are striving hard to recognise the preferences of each customer...

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