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Tag: Indonesia Tours and Activities

A new perspective

Hotels and tour operators are weaving Indonesia’s nature, culture and heritage into new experiences for travellers, discovers Mimi Hudoyo

Mounting a curated comeback

Special interest tourism has been given a renewed focus by the Indonesian government, as mass tourism gives way to personalised and immersive travel experiences.

Adventure tourism outlook buoyant in Indonesia

Indonesia's market for outdoor and adventure tourism is projected to rise notably post-pandemic, but tour operators need to be nimble in adapting to changing...

Revival of two cities

No longer a forgotten part of Indonesia’s tourism history, the regencies of Wonosobo and Banyumas are gaining new likes for their adventure and nature offerings, aided by improved road access.

New OTA launches for Indonesian tour and activity suppliers

Hayo Wisata Indonesia has rolled out Hayo Travel, a new online marketplace for tour and activity providers in Indonesia to create and sell bookable...

Tour operators rail against Indonesia’s “Jurassic Park” project

Protests have broken out over a string of new facility and infrastructure developments taking place in Loh Buaya, Rinca Island, the less-touristy neighbour of...

Virtual tours open new doors for Indonesia’s tourism sector

A raft of Indonesian travel companies are making strides in reaching new demographics by investing in virtual tours, a concept which has flourished as...

Mount Merapi’s eruption prompts airport closure; businesses undisrupted

Adi Soemarmo International Airport in Surakarta (Solo), Central Java, was temporarily closed following yesterday's eruption of Mount Merapi, which stands on the border of...

Revived historical railway link to boost West Java tourism

West Java Tourism and Culture Office has launched the historical railway tour route in the southern part of the province, in line with the...

Bali agents say surprise new attraction tariffs will hurt bottom line

Travel players in Bali are crying foul over the regency government’s surprise price hike on entrance fees for popular attractions, saying that they will...

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