New OTA launches for Indonesian tour and activity suppliers

Hayo Wisata Indonesia has rolled out Hayo Travel, a new online marketplace for tour and activity providers in Indonesia to create and sell bookable experiences to tourists around the globe.

Launched in collaboration with Finland-based travel technology company Toristy and California-based travel content management platform Magpie Travel, Hayo Travel aims to spur local tourism industry players to go digital and foray into international markets.

The Hayo Travel platform seeks to expedite digital transformation of tourism suppliers in Indonesia

Masrura Ram Idjal, president director of Hayo Wisata Indonesia, said: “Creating digital platforms individually is very expensive. Therefore, we set up Hayo Travel to facilitate (the digital transition of local tourism players). Making a website might be easy, but to market the products and make the website able to compete with other marketplaces around the world is not easy and cheap.”

Hotel rooms and tour packages, alongside diving, kayaking, hiking, and biking trips are among 4,000 tourism products currently available on the Hayo Travel platform, which has onboard 2,000 companies.

Steve Jackson, CEO of Toristy, said that Hayo Travel differs from existing marketplaces as it does not drive traffic to a single website.

He explained that Hayo Travel is an embeddable marketplace that will link Indonesian business entities with big enterprises in travel such as airlines, ferries, etc. Therefore, in Hayo, there will be multiple local channels and, with the help of Magpie, international sales distribution through the likes of Expedia and GetYourGuide, he added.

Tourism products, which trade players can upload to the Hayo Travel platform for free, will be automatically marketed and distributed to Magpie’s and Toristy’s partners, such as Agoda and Viator, said Bahriyansyah, managing director of Hayo Wisata Indonesia.

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