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Tag: Boracay Closure

El Nido up next for rehabilitation, but no forced closure this...

Another tourist destination in the Philippines, El Nido in Palawan, is up for rehabilitation but without the complete shutdown as imposed in the case...

Easing the congestion

Boracay’s closure has diverted visitors to Cebu, but the city’s transport woes threatens to unravel the progress made, reports Rosa Ocampo

Boracay to reopen next month, but rehabilitation not in place

As a sustainable tourism programme is set to be enforced countrywide, the Philippine travel trade has stressed the need to learn from the haphazard...

Dirty thoughts of ASEAN

Will it come to the day when health concerns related to bathing in cesspools will force tour operators to conduct their own assessments?

Philippine destinations not winning from Boracay’s closure

While some South-east Asian beaches are potentially benefitting as alternative destinations with Boracay's closure, Philippine destinations do not seem to be among the winners...

Riot police to keep tourists at bay during Boracay closure

The Philippine government earlier this week announced that it will deploy riot police to keep travellers out and head off potential protests ahead of...

When beautiful turns ugly

A look at the fallouts of unbridled development – and lack of regulation – on Boracay and other once-pristine spots in the Philippines. Will lessons be learnt from Boracay’s demise?

Boracay closure: flight cancellations and other airline updates

With the Philippine government ordering the closure of Boracay to tourists for six months starting April 26, airlines such as AirAsia and Cebu Pacific will temporarily suspend most of their scheduled Caticlan and Kalibo flights.

New casino deal will put more of Boracay at stake –...

The travel trade is baulking at the consequences of allowing a multi-million dollar casino project in Boracay, approved by the Philippine government at the...

Trade scrambles to manage bookings with Boracay’s impending closure

With just a month to go before Boracay’s closure, the travel trade is bemoaning the lack of details on the government’s drastic decision that...

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