The power of tourism

PEEK INTO THE FUTURE: In this section, Raini Hamdi asks industry leaders to pen their thoughts on what the future will bring. Here is...

Recovering from disasters

So, how do we rebuild a crisis-hit destination? Raini Hamdi asks brand and communications experts. Typhoon Haiyan robs the Philippines of its Fun. Thailand’s anti-government...

Growing appreciation for nature

Juxtaposed against the steely skyscrapers of nearby Kuala Lumpur, Selangor state has emerged as an up-and-coming destination that can offer travellers what they crave for nowadays – a large dose of local culture coupled with unique rural experiences

When beautiful turns ugly

A look at the fallouts of unbridled development – and lack of regulation – on Boracay and other once-pristine spots in the Philippines. Will lessons be learnt from Boracay’s demise?

Old capital, new ways

Not wanting to be perceived as merely a cultural destination, the Chinese capital is diversifying its products to attract wider tourist segments, writes Prudence...

Room surge a competitive boon

Myanmar’s hotel space has gone from being under-supplied to the other extreme, driving room rates down to more competitive levels.

Making rail connections

Enhanced rail and road networks connecting to other parts of China have given rise to new tourist circuits around Guilin and raised the appeal...

Securing the unchained

Independent properties such as boutique hotels are gaining favour with travellers, and GDSs are leveraging this trend GDSs are fine-tuning their hotel content towards a...

Longhaul Travel – Kenya, Eygpt

Egypt tries to convince tourists it's safe, says Greg Lowe, who finds it's not such a bad time to visit now. Hannah Koh talks...

The biggest challenges for Asia’s inbound agents in 2018 (part 1)

When asked what they foresee as their biggest challenge this year, it’s clear that the growing tentacles of online platforms is the elephant in the room for many inbound agents across Asia. Other bugbears include geopolitics, which affects their market mix, and a lack of destination marketing wherewithals.

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