WebBeds’ updated online tool resolves rate discrepancies instantly

WebBeds has released an update to its online Parity Monitor tool enabling hotels to instantly resolve pricing discrepancies.

WebBeds launched the online Parity Monitor tool to hotel partners at ITB 2023 as the initial phase of a major initiative to improve the speed of identifying and resolving parity issues, with the ultimate aim of achieving zero BRG (best rate guarantee) discrepancies.

WebBeds’ update to its online Parity Monitor tool will enable hotels to instantly resolve pricing discrepancies

The new v1.2 release provides WebBeds’ hotel suppliers with an exclusive industry-first – instant resolution of rate discrepancies, at a property level, when hotels report violations directly through the Parity Monitor tool. They will receive an immediate and automated solution without any warnings, strikes, or manual processes.

WebBeds, in collaboration with Robiquity, has utilised Robotic Process Automation and the Microsoft Power Platform to automatically update and synchronise data across all WebBeds platforms and internal systems so that exclusions are applied immediately to the client.

Daryl Lee, CEO, WebBeds, said: “Our stated objective for this project is to ultimately achieve zero BRG discrepancies through the WebBeds marketplace. It’s a very high bar to reach but we are demonstrating concrete progress and substance as we work towards achieving this aspiration.”

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