Frasers Hospitality commits to architectural and cultural conservation of fabled landmarks

Frasers Hospitality recently celebrated the newest addition to its repertoire of heritage buildings with the opening of Fraser Residence River Promenade, Singapore.

With its collection of six heritage landmarks, Frasers Hospitality is committed in safeguarding the tapestry of architecture and diverse cultures in the world’s most fabled destinations through its hospitality excellence and memorable guest experiences.

Frasers Hospitality recently added Fraser Residence River Promenade, Singapore to its collection of heritage buildings

Frasers Hospitality’s collection of heritage landmarks are located in the world’s gateway cities, such as Fraser Suites Hamburg and Capri by Fraser Berlin in Germany, Fraser Suites Edinburgh and Fraser Suites Glasgow in the UK, Fraser Suites Le Claridge Champs-Élysées in France, as well as the recently opened Fraser Residence River Promenade in Singapore.

The brand’s mission is to preserve historical significance of the places in its collection. These properties represent just a glimpse into an extensive collection of iconic locations where guests can experience the charming aesthetics of the past while embracing the modern comforts of the present, all enhanced by purpose-led and eco-conscious initiatives.

“The preservation of cultural heritage is not just a duty but a deep passion shared by all of us at Frasers Hospitality. Being custodians of historical landmarks, we take pride in amplifying the unique stories, culture and local way of life to differentiate the Fraser experience,” said Eu Chin Fen, CEO of Frasers Hospitality.

“Our commitment goes beyond the brick and mortar – we believe that the celebration of history gives back to the local community and enriches each traveller’s experience.”

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