ONDA launches hospitality solutions for Taiwan

South Korean hospitality technology company, ONDA, is expanding its business to Taiwan by launching an all-in-one solution optimised for Taiwanese hotels.

ONDA’s SaaS-based hospitality solutions for small- and medium-sized hotels in the Taiwanese market include a property management system, channel management system, booking engine, and website.

ONDA is launching hospitality solutions optimised for Taiwanese hotels; Taipei, pictured

With the goal of speeding up its lead in the Taiwanese market, the adoption of hospitality solutions for efficient operations has recently been actively carried out, and the company is in detailed discussions with more than 10 major hotel brands, including K Hotels Group which operates nine hotels in Taiwan, to introduce ONDA’s hospitality solutions.

In addition, ONDA aims to sign a solution adoption and distribution partnership with more than 100 properties in Taiwan this year.

A data-driven hospitality technology company that handles around 70 per cent of the domestic online accommodation booking market, ONDA has built strong partnerships with major global tech companies by becoming the first Airbnb Preferred Partner and the first Google Hotel partner in South Korea.

By launching its global expansion strategy last year, ONDA has successfully entered the hotel market in South-east Asia, followed by Taiwan, and is accelerating its expansion in the Middle East and North Africa region, as well as Europe.

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