Travellers planning more trips with family and friends: Agoda

Four out of five travellers will take a vacation with immediate family in the next 12 months, revealed Agoda’s Family Travel Trend survey 2022, conducted in partnership with YouGov.

The survey polled 10,000 travellers aged 18 and above from across Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, and the US.

Planning trips with friends is a popular choice among travellers from the Philippines, Vietnam and India

While travelling with friends proves more popular than travelling with extended family, 52% are keen to catch up with relatives for their vacation.

Travellers from Singapore (61%), Taiwan (61%) and Vietnam (59%) are most likely to take at least one trip with immediate family, while the Philippines (47%), Indonesia (40%) and Malaysia (35%) are most likely to plan two or more family jaunts in the coming year.

As for trips with friends, travellers from Australia only ranked ninth, knocked off the top spot by those from the Philippines, followed by Vietnamese and Indian travellers.

Value hunters
When it comes to travelling with families or in a group, travellers worldwide are seeking more value for their trips with Budget Hotels, Agoda Homes vacation rentals and Inclusive Resorts cited as the top three group travel preferences.

Family travellers often have more complex requirements when choosing their holiday accommodation – more space, cooking facilities, or child-related services such as babysitting, extra beds or interconnecting rooms.

Travellers from the Philippines (59%), India (44%) and South Korea (38%) showed a high preference for budget friendly hotels, while those from Indonesia (42%), Malaysia (39%), and Taiwan (38%) preferred vacation rentals which tend to offer additional facilities such as kitchens or separate living and sleeping areas.

This is in contrast to almost half of Japanese travellers (43%) who favoured chain hotels as their accommodation of choice and 34% of Thai travellers who leaned towards the convenience of all-inclusive resorts.

Border closures continue to concern travellers
Despite travel optimism and growth outpacing pre-Covid levels, 77% of travellers globally indicate some concern about international borders closing again while they are overseas. Travellers from most recently opened markets including South Korea and Japan are most concerned, in comparison to those from markets that quickly removed border restrictions including the US, Australia and India.

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