Tripadvisor reviews all the milestones and memories of 2022

Tripadvisor looks back over the past year as borders reopen and almost all flight routes being reinstated around the world.

2022 will forever be known as the great travel reboot as travellers learned how to travel again – exploring new terrain, rediscovering favourite places, and making the most of long layovers.

Gaining popularity among travellers with over millions of searches are big cities, such as London pictured

Despite over two years of bookmarking and saving holiday ideas, the big return was overwhelming for some. Recent Tripadvisor research found that ‘Relax and Rejuvenate’ was the main trip purpose for 50 per cent of travellers globally. The most popular search terms were ‘Beach’ with 4.8 million searches, ‘Resort’ with 3.2 million searches and ‘Spa’ that was searched 1.7 million times.

Travellers were extra adventurous and looked to do something wild, wonderful and out of the ordinary to escape their daily routines. Results saw 1,636 shark-diving experiences booked, 16,563 ziplining tours booked and 47,015 ghost & vampire tour tickets sold.

This year, Tripadvisor saw over 16 million five-bubble reviews written, 22 million helpful votes given and 387,000 forum threads created. Travellers rely on tips, reviews, recommendations and suggestions from people who have been to a destination before, and thanks to reviews left by customers, Tripadvisor has become an invaluable resource for the millions who visit the platform every month.

“We love to see our traveller community returning to what they do best – rediscovering the transformative power of travel again, and more importantly, coming together to share with others what they’ve found,” said Hilary Fischer-Groban, senior director of brand experience at Tripadvisor.

Some other celebrated insights from 2022 include nearly 6.5 million new Trips (travel itineraries) created on the platform; more travellers booking private, small group experiences like a reindeer sleigh ride in Finland and a Private Day Tour to Giza Pyramids, Memphis and Sakkara; and big cities gaining popularity with millions of searches for Bangkok, London, Las Vegas, and New York this year.

In addition, travellers shared their trip moments with 18 million new photos uploaded to Tripadvisor, and even the tour guides received applause for sharing their travel secrets and efforts in making travellers feel at home.

Tripadvisor also welcomed nearly 35.7 million new travel buddies to its community, with close to 400 million travellers visiting the platform every month.

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