Tripadvisor’s new feature to curate personalised itineraries using AI

Tripadvisor has upgraded its core trip planning product, Trips, with the introduction of a new AI-powered travel itinerary generator.

This new feature (currently in public beta) creates personalised travel itineraries utilising OpenAI’s generative AI technology. It leverages human insights from over a billion reviews and opinions of the more than eight million businesses listed on Tripadvisor, delivering reliable, trustworthy guidance from its community of real travellers.

Trips will utilise AI technology to create personalised travel itineraries

Tripadvisor’s president and CEO, Matt Goldberg, said: “By harnessing the power of generative AI, we can begin to fully unlock the potential of our platform’s unparalleled review and traveller intent data, allowing us to offer truly unique travel guidance to our members.”

To create an itinerary using AI, travellers are prompted to enter their destination and travel dates, travelling companions, and the types of activities they are interested in. In just a few seconds, they are presented with a personalised, day-by-day itinerary, which they can save, edit, and share with other parties in their travel group.

Travellers will also have opportunities to engage and interact with Tripadvisor’s travel guidance content – from reviews and opinions, to experiences and photos from the community. Travellers can save all content they interact with to a Trip as they build their travel plans.

“We know our community is passionate about trip planning, so we wanted to thoughtfully build something that would enhance that experience, not replace it,” added Sanjay Raman, chief product officer at Tripadvisor.

“Personalised results and recommendations from fellow travellers are two of the most important elements of the planning process and generative AI has helped us bring them together in a way we think will be really compelling for travellers.”

Over the coming months, Tripadvisor will continue to upgrade Trip, improving the personalisation of AI-powered itineraries and expanding the suite of travel planning tools.

During the beta phase, the AI feature will only be accessible to users in the US via desktop and mobile web, with a focus primarily on experience, attraction, and dining recommendations. Tripadvisor plans to make the feature available in more markets and on native app platforms as the beta progresses.

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