Macau’s MGM Cotai casino reopens

MGM Cotai, a casino in Macau, has reopened on November 2 after being closed for three days due to a case of Covid-19 and authorities had responded by quarantining more than 1,500 people.

Everyone held in the casino resort had tested negative for the coronavirus and were released, health authorities said, but are required to take daily Covid tests.

Macau’s casino MGM Cotai has reopened on November 2 (Photo: Kobby Dagan)

Macau closely follows China’s zero-Covid policy which seeks to immediately curb any outbreaks. Macau has an open border with the mainland and many commute from homes and jobs in the neighbouring city of Zhuhai.

A round of mass PCR tests of Macau’s 700,000 people on November 2 found all samples negative for Covid. Another round of mass tests will be conducted on Friday and Saturday, the government said.

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