Atlas’ new platform to overcome legacy limitations in airline retailing

Singapore-based Atlas has released its next-generation Air Travel Retailing and Information Platform (ATRIP).

Created by Mary Li, the travel-technology start-up enables more people to travel worldwide by leveraging travel technology. Founder and CEO Li said that “only through travel do we see the world as others do – the world would be a more accepting and understanding place if everyone had the opportunity to travel”.

Li: only through travel do we see the world as others do

Atlas recognises that low-cost carriers are fundamental to affordable travel and has built the first phase in the evolution of low-cost content enablement. This includes access to over 160 low-cost carriers, and deeper travel booking insights from ATRIP’s Flight Deck – a new portal to facilitate API development, fare comparisons, bookings management and real-time data and analytics.

ATRIP can capture, store, organise and analyse more first and third-party data to help customers identify industry trends and optimise promotions to drive revenue growth. Unconstrained by legacy systems, it leverages cloud architecture, API simplicity, artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring data-led decision-making to travel, via ATRIP.

ATRIP’s technical capacity offers a seamless transaction experience, regardless of volume – by aggregating and processing data and insights, travel businesses can make more personalised and informed decisions for their travellers, faster, and more affordably.

By optimising airline performance, Atlas has delivered an increase of up to 300 per cent in targeted airline bookings and sales uplifts of up to 97 per cent for its travel seller customers.

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