AirAsia upgrades facial recognition system at klia2

AirAsia has enhanced its facial recognition system, FACES, by integrating it with Malaysia Airports EZPaz technology at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (klia2), offering an end-to-end contactless journey for passengers.

FACES is now available across key customer touchpoints including mobile enrolment, check-in counters, pre-security check and boarding for selected domestic travel in the start-up phase. Guests who have enrolled for FACES via the airasia Super App can now travel seamlessly from arrival at the airport, departure gate to the flight, without having to present their boarding pass after self-check-in.

With FACES, passengers can now breeze through the pre-security and boarding with their biometric identity

The enhanced contactless feature went live on October 3 with guests departing on flight AK5234 from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching.

FACES is said to increase operational efficiencies, safety and security for the airline.

AirAsia Malaysia CEO, Riad Asmat said: “As we are back painting the skies red, it is more important than ever for AirAsia to be focusing on implementing digital innovations that take the hassle out of air travel, providing a more seamless and efficient customer experience. It is also an opportune time for our facial recognition system to take centre stage following the government’s recent announcement of face masks no longer mandatory at public places and in flight.

“As a digital and contactless procedure, which includes online check-in anywhere, anytime in the world with a click of a button, FACES is a definitive game-changer and a revolutionary enhancement to help restore confidence in air travel.

“We look forward to deploying our contactless FACES technologies in every airport we operate to in the near future to make flying more convenient, efficient and seamless than ever before.”

Enrolment for FACES can be done at dedicated airport counters W15 and W16 at klia2.

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