PATA, OAG collaboration to boost travel intelligence

PATA has partnered with travel data platform OAG to provide wider insight and intelligence to the Asia-Pacific visitor economy, through events, analysis and further data collaboration.

The new agreement will also provide PATA members with continued access to unique and reliable aviation data through the PATAmPOWER platform.

The partnership will provide PATA members with continued access to aviation data through the PATAmPOWER platform

PATA members can benefit from OAG’s vast flight information, which covers the whole journey from planning to customer experience. The data helps businesses source new revenue streams, drive growth across operations, and deepen the relationship with customers.

Santosh Kumar, PATA’s director of business development, said: “Strengthening our partnership with OAG ensures we can provide members with the highest quality, most reliable aviation data including historical data (back to 2018) and 12-month forward frequency and seat capacity data. This will enable them to make smarter and more insightful decisions as they plan their recovery strategies.

“I look forward to leveraging OAG’s data and insight to assist us in our mission for the responsible development of travel and tourism to, from and within the Asia-Pacific region.”

Mayur Patel, OAG’s head of sales, Asia, added: “Our deeper partnership with PATA will provide richer data insights to facilitate market recovery and future investment in the region. As Asia-Pacific air travel embarks on its own come back journey, having access to data, networks and knowledge through this collaboration will equip PATA members will vital insight to get ahead of the curve.”

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